Honor Your Past - About Us
Len Otto, owner

 Brief Biography

  • Born and raised in Troutdale, Oregon. Reynolds H.S. and PSU graduate (B.A. and M.S.)
  • Passion for writing and preserving history
  • 30+ years as an elementary school teacher
  • Grammar, writing, and research skills
  • Longtime member, Troutdale Historical Society, emcee of many events
  • Associate Member, Association of Personal Historians
  • Experienced interviewer, prepares thoroughly for each interview
  • Extensive computer skills, including graphics, photo editing, layout and design

Personal Statement: Family stories are lost every day. I consider this a tragedy. I became passionate about preserving life and family stories after putting my mother’s history as a WWII Army nurse into book form. What a joy – and enlightenment – it was to write. I am proud to say that my mother’s story will live on for her descendants to read, learn from, and enjoy. I will work with you to create a project which you will be proud to give as a gift – one which will last for generations to come. Don’t lose these historical treasures! You will never regret putting a loved one’s history into book form, or in simply preserving the photographs and knowledge that accompanies them, for a future generation.