Onsite (In-home) Scanning

This option is available for residents of the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area only. Scanning is completed onsite, you are left with a single "rough draft" copy, and three high quality, custom labeled DVDs (or CD-ROMs if appropriate) will be mailed to you. The final copy disk contains two images for each photo: the original, plus one that has undergone minor corrections. If major corrections to photos are desired, arrangements can be made at the time of scanning. Valuable documents can also be scanned; diplomas, awards and citations, historic letters, and much, much more make valuable keepsakes and are well worth preserving.

Please read Preparation of photos for onsite scanning (below) before scheduling an appointment. Appointments can be made with Len@HonorYourPast.com or by phone, 503-663-0794. Please see the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) link for more information.

Preparation of photos, slides, and negatives for onsite scanning
  • If you can, buy some PAT safe (Photo Activity Test safe) labels. Use them on the backs of your photos for labeling purposes. If you cannot find them, use a #2 or softer pencil to clearly and lightly write identifying information on back of the photo (to be used to create a catalog of your photos). Helpful information would include the approximate year of photo, the names of the people, the place, etc. (#2 pencil is recommended by archivists as being permanent and least destructive to printed materials. Never use pen; it has the nasty habit of bleeding through the paper and effectively destroying the information, whether it be text or images.) Short information is better than lengthy descriptions. And, instead of using "Uncle James," it is preferable to use the full name, e.g. "James R. Smith" – a generation that follows you will not have the perspective of "James" as your uncle.
  • If you desire scanning of slides or of negatives up to 4" X 5", the slides/negative(s) will need to be taken to my office for processing.
  • Minor touch up is included in my fee, and covers adjusting the white balance of the photo (faded photos can look new after this process) and straightening to make horizontal things horizontal and vertical things vertical. If major touch-up is desired, we will discuss exactly what needs to be done.
  • Be realistic in your expectations; photos can be scanned and retouched to a condition far better than the original, but miracles are not possible. It is impossible, for instance, to "focus" an out of focus photo. Slides, because of their small surface area, are also problematic; in general, small prints up to 5" X 7" can be made from the finished slide scan, but larger prints are less satisfactory. Nonetheless, they are well worth preserving!